10 Apps I Can't Live Without For My Business

10 Apps I Can't Live Without For My Business

10 Apps I Can't Live Without For My Business

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I've been running different businesses since 2013. I've trained with some of the best markerters out there and also learned a LOT from trial and error. I have three kids and a household to run as well though, so today I'm sharing with you 10 apps that make my entrepreneur life a little bit easier!

1. Dubsado

Dubsado is an all-in-one CRM service that is ah-mazing. Its so easy to create contracts, forms, and create email campaigns that you set and forget. This makes following up and sending conformations a sitch. (Channeling my inner Kim Possible there, lol)

They do offer a free trial so hop over there and try it out if you'd like :) 

2. Canva

I use Canva literally every day (multiple times!) and its a life saver. I use the app right on my phone most of the time but I do use the desktop version as well sometimes. 

Some Of My Favorite Features:

They have a one click feature that removes the background from any photo

Their stock photo library is life

Their premade templates save me a ton of time

I used the paid version but they do have a free version as well!

3. Word Swag

I loveeeee this app! It makes creating beautiful quote images so so easy and they are seamless to use in your online platforms!

It's $2.99 a month but I think they do a one week trial :)

4. Smugmug

I started using this service when I was primarily focused in my photography, I used it for sending client's their albums. 

Now I mostly use it for storing my photos that I don't want to have their quality compromised. There is also an option to automatically store all of your photos from your phone onto their albums so you don't loose anything! 

5. Plann

I use this app to plan out all of my instagram posts, save hashtags for an easy one-click copy and paste, and it even lets you schedule your posts if you prefer to post on a schedule :)

I use the paid version but they do have a free version as well!

6. Unfold

I use this app to create beautiful insta stories that look cohesive- especially great for sharing multiple photos on one slide! 

They have some included design packs and then some paid ones as well.

7. Instabio

I love love this app for turning my one link into many links! I set it all up on my phone and it works great! 

I use the free version but they have subscriptions as well if you want more features :)

8. Splice

I use this app for creating videos, great for insta TV vidoes and Tik Tok as well! It has a great editing interface that takes the hassle out and the whole process is seamless! Best video app i've found by far!

Its $2.99 a month to use, but well worth it!

9. Marco polo

I use this app for talking to my employee's :) Its so much easier and creates more of a connection to talk face to face in my opinion! Plus they can always look back at them if they need to :)

free :)

10. Shopify App

I use this app to stay on top of orders and quickly look up client and order information when needed! It works seamlessly with the desktop version and saves my life every day! The etsy seller app works great too :)


What apps do you use for your business? Let us know in the comments below! 

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