38 Women Tell Us How They Celebrate Their Babies Angel Anniversaries

38 Women Tell Us How They Celebrate Their Babies Angel Anniversaries

Kierra Butcher

Infant and pregnancy loss is more common than you would think, and I'm lucky enough to get to interact with some amazing angel mama's on instagram. Being an angel mom x5 myself I love all of the ideas that were shared!

38 women answered this question:
Do you commemorate your baby’s due dates or loss dates? Both? If so, what do you do?:)

Read their responses below!

1. We have tree ornaments my husband got. Some other ideas are: name stars after them, necklace, tattoos of hearts with halos. The hospital commemorates them with a ceremony every October that I’d like to go to this year.

2. My mom lost her first baby on her birthday. So every year I bake her a cake and a cake for babies heaven anniversary 💛 she lost 2 more after the first and we all got her some gifts to remember them by. My sister has lost 4 babies and I have always made her a bracelet or earrings or necklace with the birth stone of their due date.💕

3. I lost my first baby at 6 weeks and due date would have been Feb 5... just two days after my birthday so we definitely plan to celebrate their birthday month each year👼🏻💕 

4. We celebrate Hannah’s Angelversary every year. Complete with cake, donations to local charities and a special visit with her family and with her.

5. May 13 was when our Jude was born. Each year since I take some time to maybe, visit his paver at the hospital memorial gardens, and treat myself to a large, strong coffee. Just try and reflect in the hope we have in Heaven.

6. I call my loss dates angelversaries. I usually just speak about them & share my testimony about how their life & loss affected me & still does. I’ve made prayer flags, done balloon releases, butterfly releases, take pictures, all sorts of things to remember my children. I’ve had four losses & still no living children so my angels are my world. It’s a hard road to walk but I’m proud to be an angel mom.

7. I commissioned one of your art pieces to commemorate my upcoming “due date”

8. I commemorate my due/loss dates less now that my heart is healing but every Mother’s Day I take a moment to bake cookies and watch Mean Girls to remind myself I am a mummy and I get to take the day to myself. Seems like a weird tradition but the first Mother’s Day after my loss I couldn’t cope and that was all I wanted to do that day. Seems to have stuck. Can’t wait to one day bake cookies with my kids and watch Mean Girls together.

9.  We went back and forth with this after our losses, trying to decide what the best way to commemorate them would be. Each year, I do my best to bake a cake for my kids, some years it’s been a trip to the ice cream shop or a store bought one, but nevertheless, we make it happen where we all enjoy a sweet treat together in celebration of that special person in our lives. So, we decided it would be no different for our boys and this past month, I made my first cake for my son in heaven, we said a prayer for Johnathan, and got chocolate goodness on our faces and in our bellies. It was a good day 💕 and next year when Ethan’s birthday rolls around, we will do the same for him.

10. My family celebrate my little brothers “heaven day,” and when I was younger and we would send balloons to heaven💛 it’s been 22 years as of June 28 this year

11. My husband and I are planning to plant a tree

12. Each year on our daughter, Verity Grace on her birthday and get a little something in honor of her. (An elephant, a sign that says “grace”, etc.) We honor her name and her memory by doing something fun. 💕 We also take a moment on her due date because both days are hard in their own ways. Her due date is also our nephew’s birthday, they were due a day apart, so some years we celebrate watching how he is growing and developing and learning.

13. Yes! We will be going to our daughters grave and having a family picnic with her this year. It would be her first birthday. Idk if it will continue but for this year that’s the plan. We will also be donating toys to our local Santa charity to gives toys to needy kids in our community.

14.Both ❤️ We usually try to take a little trip (or at least the day off work) for our little ones’ birth days & their due dates. 💙(bday 6/27/18, dd 12/24/18) 💗 (bday 5/29/19, dd 10/18/18)

15. On July 27 will be my sweet Karsyns due date. She would have been 1. We have a bbq for her and my first baby lost in nov 2016

16. Loss date is on Oct. 2 and I’m afraid of how I’ll feel. We’re getting away to the middle of nowhere. On her due date we went to Italy. I think I’ll always remember, but I’m not at the place of celebrating yet. 💔

17. A birthday cake and a feast of gnocchi bolognese for dinner 💙✨

18. I have a candle. When I'm sad I cry and hold them close to my soul, and on their birthdays I light a candle to once again let them go. ❤️ I have 10 angel babies so my year is filled with lots of tears and dates I hold close to my heart.

19. We plant flowers each year!

20. Yes, it’s kind of hard not to for me though. I get a reminder every year. I lost my 1st baby in my 2nd trimester on New Year’s Eve at exactly midnight in 2003/2004. 😢 Every year since I’ve taken a couple minutes either with my husband or alone & I say “Happy New Year Angel Baby. You’ll forever be in my heart.”

21. The 4th of July will be the due date for my first miscarriage. This will be our first time and we are very sad. We haven’t made any plans yet but I really want to do something even if it’s small for our angel baby. ❤️

22. We do a little cake and sing happy birthday. I love that my kids really honor all the babies all the time. They love celebrating their siblings ❤️🌈

23. I got two tiny birthstone rings from Etsy (from Imprinted Memories) to remember my two angel babies. ❤️

24. The past 3 years, I’ve thrown a birthday party with our friends and family. I encourage them to make a donation in her honor in lieu of gifts since she isn’t here. We have it at a park that is in front of the cemetery she’s buried at. We grill out, spend time visiting with everyone, and eat cake! We end the day with prayer and song at her grave. 👼🏼💕

25. I delivered my son on the 4th of July sleeping. Today was the day I found out he had passed. My kids and I planted a garden today but every year the week before we do random acts of kindness and then have cake at the cemetery on the 4th. We would have been 7 Saturday

26. we lost ours nov 1 2019 after trying for 2 years. The due date would’ve been June 28 (which is also our anniversary) so we will always celebrate her due date with our love for each other. I also thought of getting my first tattoo with a simple chrysanthemum this November. Lots of emotions.

27. In a way I do. I lost one of our twins. So every May 1st for our daughters birthday, it will also be a day to remember our lost son.

28. I got a stackable birthstone rings so I can add to it with my future children’s birthstone rings. We also planted 2 rose bushes in our backyard.

In terms of remembering the anniversary - For my daughter who was stillborn I was due this past Jan 10th, so my goal for this upcoming year and the years after is to buy Christmas presents for a child in need that would be the age of my daughter (ex. This upcoming Christmas someone with a ~1 year old, and the following year a ~2 year old etc.). We also unfortunately lost a second daughter in March due to a chromosomal abnormality, so the gifts would be in both of their memories!


29. Our Max's due date is July 4th. He would be turning one this year. My plan is to spend a few minutes to myself, and then family time with my husband and oldest.

30. I open up my box and go over my ultrasound photos and tests that I had from that time

32. I had a late miscarriage at 16 weeks, 2 days after our gender reveal. On my babies birth date we released balloons in remembrance of her. It was bittersweet but it felt good letting her know we haven’t forgotten about her. 💗

33. Yes. We lost four and two are buried. On the due date of the first we lost, Hattie, we visit the cemetery with peonies and cupcakes. I also have a tattoo for them. 💗 We make it a happy occasion, even though it’s a mix of feelings.

34.  I don’t do anything specific on the date I miscarries my baby but I did create a special box for them, hang an ornament every Christmas and have some special jewelry with their name and birthstone (according to the month we lost them). 💗

35. We do his lost date. We usually have a little "birthday party" with cake and ice cream. We write on balloons. This year his theme was Toy Story 4, and we watched all the Toy Story movies for his birthday also!💙

36. We do the day we lost our daughter. This year was her first birthday so we planted a tree and sent balloons up to heaven with notes for her 💗👼🏼 all of my kids have been born so early that I never put much meaning to a “due date” I guess

37. Date night with my husband! ❤️we try to distract ourselves and turn these sad dates into something positive! But we celebrate the dates when we found out we were pregnant ... We were so happy! So is something beautiful to remember ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

38. Yes. Candle and balls or cake. Always in my heart.

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