Finding Closure After Miscarriage

Finding Closure After Miscarriage

Finding Closure After Loss

Kierra Butcher

Artist, Blogger, Mother, Recurrent Miscarriage Survival

After loss, so many of us feel empty handed. Like there is nothing left to hold onto. I know all of my losses were before felt like all I had left was the pain and the hurt and a fading pregnancy test.

You guys, I found this amazing amazing company that creates a certificate of life for babies of ANY gestation.

"We issue these because every baby's life deserves to be acknowledged! There are too many situations where babies are not issued a formal certificate. Most commonly because baby was lost to miscarriage or was stillborn before 20 weeks gestation"

Click here to go to the site!

They also offer amazing services to provide clothes for stillborn and miscarried babies, with the anthem that 'no baby goes naked."

They also help provide financial assistance for funeral and burial services. 

It's been really weighing on my mind that there has to be something better than the flush. There has got to be a better way to give us grieving mothers closure. 

In my research I found two other options which follow the natural options for any death:

Burial & Cremation.

Isn't it funny that these are even mentioned to us? That many of us are left to wallow in the bathroom with no thought of this being an option...

How to go about it?

1. You can reach out to local funeral homes to explore their cremation + burial options.

2. You can also choose to bury on your own private land.

Some other ideas to help with closure & celebrating your baby's life:

1. Plant a plant or tree to symbolize your baby's life. I love how caring for the plant and seeing your baby's memory thrive and live feels so healing.

2. Have a celebration of life with your family and loved ones.

3. Have a balloon or lantern release 

4. Consider purchasing a memory garden plaque (pictured & linked)

This company creates caskets for every gestational age!

Click Here

                 This shop creates sweet urns for little babies

This sweet business creates memorial garden plaques

Click Here

I also came across these miscarriage kits- I've had five miscarriages and never come across these and I think I would have loved having this option. You can find these here.

Sending so much love to you mama. Wishing you all the love and closure your way <3



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