Ella's Birth Story

Ella's Birth Story

Ella's Birth Story

Kierra Butcher
Read the birth story of my third angel baby 

So it's 2 AM and I wake up because I have to pee...AGAIN. I'm 36 weeks (+1 day) pregnant and I was f e e l i n g i t. Ella's pregnancy had been my hardest and most emotionally & mentally challenging yet and I was having break downs like every other day because of my level of done-ness. But, having had to be induced at 40 weeks with my first two babies all I could hope for was the induction at 39 weeks my doctor had promised me.

I'm groggy, but as I sit down I noticed my underwear is all wet. Like, soaked. I kind of shrug it off, change into clean underwear and go back to bed-but as soon as I lay immediately soaked. For a third time I go change and lay down and can't ignore a constant leaking feeling.

So obviously, I googled "how to tell if your water has broken" and read every single hit that comes up on the first page. After I finished...I still had no idea if that's what had happened. I was only experiencing a slow leaking feeling but maybe it was pee? I was on undecided.

Now its 3:30AM. I'm wide awake because its impossible to sleep with a leaking feeling and also I was CRAZY nauseated. I woke Blake up to get me a snack to help with the nausea. When he came back I told him about what happened and that my water might be broken. He told me to let him know when I decide and went back to sleep. I told him it was probably nothing so I laid there awake and worried that it was something.

Another hour went by and I was back on google which was still being no help because it turns out google can't actually tell you if your water has broken or not. Which really, is a huge bummer.

Its around 5AM. Blake decides that he thinks my water has broken and starts packing his hospital bag. I try to convince him that it probably hasn't. He doesn't buy it. He calls his mom who has worked in the OBGYN field and an experienced mother who says I should go in to get checked.

The girls wake up and start playing as usual. For peace of mind, I decide to go in and get it checked out just to be sure. But, I'm really thinking it's probably nothing.

Janine (Blake's mom) comes over. I'm kind of like a boy scout #beprepared because I packed my hospital bag and everything around 25 weeks so I was ready to go. But Blake on the other hand was trying to do all the last minute things just in case.

Finally around 7AM we leave. I'm an anxious ball of anxiety and I cannot relax. The ride to the hospital is filled with silence from me, weird foggy weather, a detour, and Blake's Burrito Express stop. I couldn't eat anything because I was so anxious so I just glared at him while he ate it in front of me.

Around 8AM we get to the hospital. The parking lot is completely full but we walked right into registration and got a room in Triage right away. Tara & Missy are the triage nurses and right off the bat they think that my water has broken but turns out doctors need more than gut feelings.

They start out with a swab that they look at under the microscope-negative.

They do another test where they put a swab into some sort of solution and wait for 10 minutes. Right away it looks negative but she said there is still a chance since we have to wait the full 10 minutes. We can hear everything through the seemingly invisible triage doors w/ curtains. We make out the sentence "Room 1 everything is normal" and assume that we're going home. We start to plan the rest of our day.

The nurse comes back in and surprised with the fact that the test came back positive..barely positive but positive was positive! My water had broken! I was having a baby that day!

Mixed feelings.

So excited not to be pregnant anymore....but it's too early?

It didn't matter either way though- she was coming!

By 9AM we'd been admitted and two nurses had already given up on trying to get an IV in my arm. I get nervous and they shrink up making the IV game painful and tricky.

The girl next to us is screaming and moaning in pain. I feel so bad for her.

There are no delivery rooms available so we have to wait in triage until one is open before I can get started on pitocin.

FOUR HOURS. Four hours sitting on what feels like sharp rocks in a small room with someone screaming in pain next to us. But it was all fine...we were having a baby!

Around noon we get our delivery room and meet our labor and delivery nurse Carrie. Can I just tell you, I love Carrie. Carrie was pregnant with her fourth girl so we immediately bonded over the girl club <3 She guessed the baby would be there before the end of her shift at 7PM.

We get started on pitocin and Dr. Huish breaks the rest of my water (turns out Ella had pooped in the womb) and I get started on pitocin. I was only dilated to a 2 and 90% effaced so I had a ways to go.

Blake was exhausted from being up late and up early so I told him to rest so he could have more energy later when I might need more help.

I sat in a quiet delivery room feeling like I was by myself for a little bit before my mom showed up. I was so happy to have someone to talk to for a little bit. I felt like I was in a dream and I wasn't living in real life. Around 4PM they checked me and I was dilated to a 3.5. Dang it. I felt like I had forever to go.



Contractions suck. I felt like they sucked faster this time around-maybe because my water was broken? Barb came in to give me my epidural and she was my favorite person. I almost passed out while she was giving it to me though so that was kinda sketchy.

4:30ish Kaleah and my Grandma showed up right after I got the good juice going and it made me sleepy. I had been so anxious all day it was the first time I felt so relaxed in months-so I tried to rest as best as I could. I was feeling bummed because I didn't think she would come by the time Carrie's shift ended and I really liked her.

Around 6PM I start feeling a lot of pressure-they check me and I'm a 6! I was in a lot of pain at this point and Carrie said Ella was making her move! I get the mean kind of sarcastic and crabby when I'm in pain so everyone was walking on egg shells around me at this point. I internalize the pain so I kept my eyes squeezed shut and my face must have been contorting in weird ways because even Carrie could tell I was hurting. Barb came in to give me an extra dose of something stronger and I told her she was my best friend.

6:37PM- I was a 9! I felt one contraction push her head down and sure enough I was a 10! I pushed for 15 minutes which felt like the LONGEST FIFTEEN MINUTES of my life and at 7:07PM she was born!

She was pink and crying and perfect.

She was good for about two hours before she was showing signs of respiratory distress. So Blake went with her as she went to the nursery. I was SO sad to not have my baby with me-I was a mess. Luckily my mom stayed with me so I wasn't alone.

She had 6 hours from birth to show improvement before they would have to do an IV and chest x-ray. About 30 mins before the 6 hour mark there had been no change. I texted Blake to give her a blessing. He gave her a blessing and in the blessing he commanded her to be healed and right then she coughed and spit and started breathing normally. She was perfect from that moment forward and was back in our room shortly after. God is good.

We are so happy to have this sweet spirit in our family & home <3



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