Gift Ideas For Miscarriage Mama's

Gift Ideas For Miscarriage Mama's

Want to do something for your Miscarriage Mama Friends? Here's a list of ideas! 

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Let me start by saying that I think the best thing you can do for a friend going through miscarriage is just being there. 

Letting them talk and vent and cry and not try to make it better.

And don't say anything that starts with 'at least...'

But if you want to get her little something too, here's a list of ideas! 

1. Angel Baby Stitch Art

"Angel Baby was first made to symbolize the sweet souls who were miscarried or lost in some way. My heart goes out to each mother who has been touched by this and want to make a piece that allow her to honor that sweet soul."

2. Forget Me Not Statute 

"Forget-me-not is a thinking of you piece, with a universal message. She represents timeless friendship and love that spans any distance. She’s also another flower to add to the garden of colorful figures that include Sunshine, Beautiful Wishes, Surrounded by Love, Bloom and Happiness."

3. Custom Family Portrait 

Something about something completely customized that shows their entire family is so comforting & something they will treasure forever. 

4. Miscarriage Keepsake Necklace

A rainbow for hope, a heart for love, and a tiny star for each angel above. These ones are also customizable, which is perfect for mama's who have several losses. 

5. I Believe In Rainbows Shirt

A baby born after a loss is called a 'rainbow baby.' So this shirt helps inspire a mama to not give up, and also gives her something soft she wear and snuggle on her hardest days. 

6. Snow Drop Angel Peg Doll

As a miscarriage gift and keepsake, these beautiful snowdrop fairies are a simple, subtle and unique way to remember and commemorate the life of lost little ones. In such times of sorrow, it is difficult to find the right words to express your sympathy to family and friends. These little bereavement fairies bring great comfort in the darkest days of grief making them the perfect gift of remembrance. Their meaning will signify more than flowers, last forever and share lots of love.


This journal is a little different from the Infertility Journey Journal. Like the Infertility Journey Journal, the Miscarriage Journey Journal has daily prompts, inspirational quotes, places to write goals that don’t pertain to pregnancy or parenthood. But it also has a place for Gratitude Practice, affirmations, and places to write down ways you can forgive and love your body.

Want to connect with more moms going through loss?

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Thank you for including our little snowdrop fairy ❤️ lovely ideas for a friend going through a loss XXX

Gemma Bannister

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