My Low Progesterone Story (and What I Did About It!)



The Summary:

- My progesterone was only tested that one time, they never told me the number so I don't know what it was. 

- I was on progesterone suppositories for 14 weeks. 

- Its a simple blood test to get tested. 

- My doctor tested me when my period was supposed to start, if you're not pregnant there are other times of the month that they recommend getting the testing done (I don't know what they are though.)

- The only side effect I noticed from progesterone was that it made me even more tired.

- I started progesterone the same day I found out I was pregnant. My doctor said I could have started at the beginning of the two week wait as well if we had known sooner.


 The Story: 

Let's start at the beginning.  I was 19, newly married (only 4 months!) when I discovered was pregnant while on birth control. I was surprised to say the least but I knew that it was all going to be okay. We told our families the same day.

 I had no doubt in my mind. Miscarriage was something that happened to 'other' people. 

 At 8.5 weeks I went to the bathroom at work and found bright red blood.  I think I knew in that moment that it was over.  I ran to husband who also worked there and sobbed.  

 The baby was gone. 

 Surely it was something that would only happen once. But it happened again. and again.  

 My doctor said I had to have three in a row before they considered running tests, and miraculously I carried my fourth pregnancy to term with no medical help. 

 I came to find out years later that the reason I was able to carry her without help (and also my second daughter) was because I conceived RIGHT after my miscarriage.  Right. After.  No cycle in between.

 The first day of my last 'period' was the first day of a miscarriage.  My progesterone was naturally elevated from the previous pregnancy, it was like a running start for the next pregnancy and that allowed me to carry to 40 weeks twice! (There was one miscarriage in between my oldest and middle in case that wasn't clear) 

 Fast forward two years. We decided we were ready to have another baby. I was hopeful that I would be able to carry to term about without a miscarriage, but at 5 weeks, 5 days...I found blood. 

 If hope alone could have kept me pregnant that baby would be here.  The pregnancy symptoms were so strong that time, the line was so dark.  I couldn't even wear a seatbelt because my boobs hurt so bad. But it didn't matter. God had other plans. 

 Three of my friends were pregnant. I was jealous. I wanted to have my baby at the same time as them. 

 The emotional pain and trauma of that loss was unbearable. I gave up. I was done. I refused to subject myself to that pain again. As I cried myself to sleep for the fifth night in a row I heard God tell me 'You can try again, and she will be perfect." 

 I called my doctor.  I said I was done. I wanted tests, I wanted answers...I deserved both.  They made me an appointment but it was a month out. We waited a cycle and then tried again. Then came the day of the appointment. 

They drew blood to test my progesterone and also did an HCG test since I was due with my cycle. They called the next day and said my progesterone was low and that my HCG came back at 5 which is the lowest it can possibly be for a pregnancy but I had gotten a positive that morning so they agreed to give me progesterone. 

I started that day and had an ultrasound at 6 weeks, 5 days. The baby measured 5 weeks, 5 days. They moved my due date and I continued with progesterone until 14 weeks. At 36 weeks, 1 day my water broke and I gave birth to my third daughter. I would have lost her if it wasn't for the progesterone.  But I didn't get it until I begged my doctor. 

 So go out there and advocate for yourself! You got this.



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