We lost our baby boy at 15+1 weeks on April 20th. Here's what happened.

We lost our baby boy at 15+1 weeks on April 20th. Here's what happened.

Melis Wilson @meliswilson 
"My fear and hope both exist around any further pregnancies. I'm anxious more than ever but also there's nothing else I want more..."

I honestly don't know where to start.

I'm 28 years old. Living in Antalya, Turkey married to a Brit. We have lost our baby boy at 15+1 weeks on April 20th. 

The baby was checked on Saturday and was healthy and moving and we lost him on Monday morning.

I've had labour pain for about 24 hours but didn't know what they were so ended up staying home. I've never experienced such pain in my entire life. 

As I woke up and went to the bathroom on Monday morning, my precious baby boy popped in to the toilet but was still attached to me by the umbilical cord.

My husband had to catch the baby and I laid down on the bathroom floor.

 He called an ambulance but as they came they've noticed they didn't have the correct tools so they took me to the hospital with my baby still attached to me on my lap.

 It was the most traumatic experience I've been through. I was rushed to the labour room and pushed the placenta out. I was told I lost the baby mostly because I've had incredibly high infection levels.

My doctor seems to think it was infection in the womb so my body ended up rejection my baby boy. I've had bleeding and cramps for about 3 weeks. I was also advised to get an hsg test later on possibly after my first period back. It's been a month and I'm still waiting. Life has been so hard with so many up and downs. I've even had my milk come which was devastating. My body was changing drastically along with my mental health. 

I have never been a stranger to grief because I've lost my mum at age 13 and my dad at age 25, both to cancer and I'm an only child.

Also found out my dad had internal cancer and he passed away within a month on my birthday.

 Me and my husband took care of him in our home having being married only for a year. I was changing his diapers and washing and this played tricks with my mind. In Turkish culture you always take care of your parents and nursing houses don't exist here. So even though it was so dark and heavy it was my greatest honour taking care of him along with our church community and my husband. 

I was adopted as a baby and my birth mother apparently sold me for little bit of money. And she still ended up having 6 kids from different men. Which also doesn't feel right or fair. My adoptive parents has been the best and never knew they were my adoptive parents for years. My dad told me my story when I was 19 and everything changed after that. Questioning my worth and identity and all. But fell more in love with my dad. Now I'm married for 4 years to the most amazing man and we have a dog. Her name is Bella. And I love my little family. All I want is to have a living baby now.

My fear and hope both exist around any further pregnancies. I'm anxious more than ever but also there's nothing else I want more. My doctor suggested to wait for two cycles before trying. 

I'm also a blog writer and I write a lot on grief and loss if you would be interested, 


Thank you again for providing this platform and let me use my voice. 

Much love,


Melis Wilson

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  • Thank you Melis for your story. You are precious. ❤

    Aldona Szczepanek
  • Hi Melis,

    I’m sorry to hear the loss of your baby. And thanks so much for sharing . I admire your strength and bravery through your all this. i knew your husband while he was living in Istanbul. My thoughts and prayers to you and your husband.

    Charles reuel
  • Thank you for sharing Melis. The pain that you have endured will undoubtably make you even stronger. You have the power to be an inspiration to other young women who have suffered similar loses. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Never give up hope!

    Linnette Ansel
  • Yes, Melis, thank you for being honest and real. Your story matters and you matter. I am in awe of the strength in your vulnerability.

    Nicole DeMarcus
  • Thank you for sharing your heart, Melis. I love your bravery, honesty and vulnerability. Lots of hugs ❤️

    Cate Otanes

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