Top 12 Things You Should Do After Miscarriage


Kierra Butcher


I wish someone would have told me this stuff, so I’m sharing these with you 💕⠀

1. Delete pregnancy tracker app⠀

2. Unsubscribe from pregnancy emails⠀

3. Designate a support person⠀

4. Give yourself space to grieve ⠀

5. Look up symptoms of postpartum mood disorders 

6. Take a social media hiatus for a few few weeks

7. Focus on self care and take a date night (your spouse is grieving too!)

8. Turn off baby/parenting ads on Facebook

9. Mute accounts of women having babies the month you would until it's not painful.

10. Find comfort in reading other mama's miscarriage stories (#miscarriage on instagram is a great resource!) 

11. Start a journal to write out your feelings and help process emotions

12. Consider seeing a therapist if you feel like you could use some additional support!

🌈 you’re gonna make it mama, don’t give up 

👉🏻 what would you add to this list?:) let us know in the comments below! 

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