Official Bio

Kierra is a digital artist and blogger who is passionate about helping women navigate life after miscarriage and loss. Driven by her own experience with miscarriage (and lots of chips + salsa) she focuses on helping women not feel so alone in their journey.

Approved Photos

You are free to use these photos digitally with our and the photographer’s permission as long as you include credit and send us a link at to where they are being used.

As Seen In

The Mama Adventure Podcast

A podcast for the new mama

Navigating postpartum and motherhood with intention + joy


Failing Motherhood Podcast

If you're riddled with mom guilt, your temper scares you, you're terrified you're screwing up your kids and are afraid to admit any of those things out loud....this podcast is for you.


The IVF Warrior

A community for your (in)fertility journey


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