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Kierra B Art

Miscarriage Keepsake, Miscarriage gift, miscarriage, stillborn, miscarriage card, miscarriage painting

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Miscarriage Keepsake, Miscarriage Gift, Gender Neutral >>>>>>>> Forget-Me-Not flowers symbolizing never forgetting the child that was lost. Having this in your home is like having a piece of that child in your home all the time. A lot of times people think you just want to forget that it happened, but most mothers long to hold onto as much of them as they can. <3 >>>>>>> Digital Download = Instant Download >>>>>>> Gift Ideas: > Frame > Print > Text to let them know you're thinking of them > Phone background >>>>>>> Because of the nature of this product there are no refunds or exchanges possible. When you purchase you agree to this. >>>>>>>> >>>>>>> Want something CUSTOM? Message me!