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Kierra B Art

"Simple Style" Custom Potrait

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A family portrait illustration that will last a lifetime and make a timeless gift! 


1. Anything that you would like illustrated requires a reference photo with the exception of Christ & Angel Babies (example: pets, clothing, people, etc..)

2. The illustration will be matched to the photo exactly. Changes like height, weight, positioning, and adding different clothing aren't offered at this time- with the exception of drawing angel babies into your arms if desired.

3. I can combine multiple photos but I recommend everyone being in similar positions like everyone standing or everyone sitting. 

4. When combining photos I will crop everyone according to the shortest crop provided (example: if you include photos of one person from the waist up, one person from the feet up, and one person from the shoulders up- I will crop everyone from the shoulders up so they all match)

5.  If you'd like to included pets in your portrait add them to the headcount of people you'd like to be illustrated

6. Christ & Angel Infants are complimentary 

7. Extreme editing requests after the first proof (switching photos, switching style, switching clothing, etc,) will be a new purchase since it will be considered a new project we have to make from scratch.


 1. This product is made to order, and will take 7-10 business days to be completed. The product is digital so it will be emailed to you via the email address provided at checkout

2. The file will be high resolution and the size is 8x10



>Upload the Photo(s) you'd like illustrated 

> Add To Cart 

> Include any instructions you'd like me to know, please be very specific. 

> No Need to 'count' Christ as a person when you're checking out with how many people

> Your Purchase comes with two proofs. Your Proofs will be provided VIA email.  



Refunds: Due to the digital nature of this product we don’t offer any refunds.

: If you’d like to cancel your order AND we haven’t started working on it yet we can cancel it for you, please email customer service or reply to your confirmation email.

Indemnification:  By purchasing you're agreeing to have read all the entirety of this listing