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Kierra B Art

One Sponsored IG Post + 1 Reel + 1 TikTok

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* Please do not purchase unless you speak with our team first! Contact at

We’re so excited to collaborate with you!

Here’s what we need from you:

1. A description of the product(s) that you’d like us to use

2. Any backstory to the product you’d like us to Include

3. Any links you’d like us to include (we will put these links in our bio for easy access for our followers)

4. Any tags you’d like us to tag

5. Photo(s) you’d like us to use in the post. We prefer PNG images of your product with a transparent background so we can edit them to match our feed. 

*If you’d prefer to send us the product for us to take pictures of it instead that works too. We can send it back after as well, provided you cover all shipping costs.

(You can upload photos here or email them)

Thank you!